Biggest Safety Training Challenges

Finding New & Compliant TrainingDelivering a Consistent Safety MessageKeeping Employees EngagedReinforcing the Safety Message

Don’t Waste Time & Energy by Recycling That Same Old Talk

76% of safety managers think employees are more interested in their phones than their safety message. SafetyNow ILT is the largest online library of compliant safety meeting kits. You can access accurate & compliant instructor-led training materials at the click of a button and find out what our members are reporting… that SafetyNow’s training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging. What’s more, its customized for your industry!

Whether it’s from the back of a pickup or standing in the lunchroom – a five to ten-minute SafetyNow safety talk can be effective.

Do You Need It?

If you are like all the other people responsible for occupational health & safety, you might..

In 2015, we surveyed over 3,000 supervisors, managers, directors, and executives that were primarily responsible for OHS compliance and training to establish a baseline for key metrics, common issues, and more.

In 2019, pre-COVID, we updated our survey, and weren’t surprised by the findings.

What's your Biggest Safety Training Challenge?

Why do Trainers Struggle?

Your employees are focused on doing their jobs. Of course they want to do their job safely, but they also have productivity metrics and other drivers that are sometimes in passive conflict with a safety mindset.

But you told them the right way to do it?

Absolutely you did, but its important to take a step back and consider how human beings learn and how brain science can influence better learning methods.

Humans have short-term and long-term memories, neural pathways and networks that connect the two, and different areas of the brain that are used in learning and developing habits. The long and short of it is, based on a litany of cognitive research, the best way to learn and set a habit is through consistent and iterative reinforcement of singular message and/or behavior. That’s the only way to counter the forgetting curve and make sure your safety message sticks!

This is just how we are wired to learn.

Reduction in Accidents 47%
Reduction in Costs 42%

It’s About Mindshare

Something else that we should consider is that in today’s work environment, your employees are inundated with 60x more noise than 20 years ago. That noise might be social media, internet, peer discussions, buzzing phones, etc. – and all that noise is fighting for the same slice of mindshare that you are trying to leverage in your safety training.

What’s more, everybody also wants to get back to work….

The good thing is that with consistent messaging and iterative reinforcement, there is a method to make your safety training stick, and we want to put it in your hands!

8X Higher Retention Rate
Less Time 40%

Does it Work?

Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

Our clients include such organizations as Saudi Aramco, ICW Insurance, ProSight Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway, and Liberty Mutual. Why? Because they know that the right safety training and methods can reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve culture.

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