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Recommended Additional/Alternative Training For September

Our certified trainers suggest the following additional/alternative OHS training for August. You can access all that you need by taking a free 2 week trial to test-drive SafetyNow ILT and see what 100s of thousands of safety managers, directors and business owners are using to build safety cultures, reduce costs and incidents, and increase productivity.

Compressed Gas

High Pressure Danger With Compressed Air

Caught Between

Don’t Get Caught Between a Truck and a Hard Place

PPE: Head Protection

Excuses Won’t Protect Your Head

SafetyNow wants to be your partner and help you deliver consistent, compliant, effective and engaging safety training to your employees. We know that the right safety training not only reduces accidents & incidents, but it also reduces insurances costs, increases productivity, and lowers employee turnover.

Each month, SafetyNow makes one safety meeting kit available for you to download and use in your workplace.

How do we select the meeting? Great question!

Our certified trainers and OHS lawyers have built industry specific training calendars based on seasonality, inspection reports, industry guidance, and many other factors. They’ve also curated the best, and compliant, training and reinforcing resources for safety managers and front-line supervisors to easily download and implement on a monthly basis. SafetyNow takes all the leg work out of your safety training program by giving you the tools you need to train now and train right.

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Since 1929 we have helped hundreds of thousands of organizations reduce accidents & incidents, lower insurance premiums, increase profits and build safety cultures – now it’s your turn. Here are just some of the amazing partners we work with.

What Can You Expect From SafetyNow?

The proven tools in SafetyNow ILT make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our members find their training is 60% more consistent, 52% more effective, and experience a 35% reduction in their accident & incident rates in their first year

Access accurate & compliant instructor-led training materials at the click of a button – on any safety topic – and find out what our members are reporting… that SafetyNow’s training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging. What’s more, its customized for your industry!

Download hundreds of special reports from OHS leaders to find out everything you need to know about specific safety hazards.

Make an investment in your team by giving them the tools they need to be better safety trainers, speakers and managers.

Tap into our certified trainers and OHS lawyers for expert advice and guidance to your specific issues – at no extra charge, as often as you need.

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Download thousands of safety meeting kits – including all the materials you need to present a compliant safety meeting to employees. Stream hundreds of safety training videos that are guaranteed to engage your workers. Ask certified trainers and OHS lawyers for insight, guidance, and tips to be a better trainer and quickly reduce your accidents & incidents.

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