All hero stories start with someone defying the odds to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Your origin story is not that different. You studied, did the hard work and overcame numerous challenges to become the Safety Hero you are today.


“With great power, comes great responsibility,” and only you can have the biggest impact on your workplace culture. Click on the steps below to build your Safety Superhero costume and discover the true value of  SafetyNow ILT.

Step 1: Earn Your Steel Toes

Start your superhero journey…


Congratulations! You have now entered basic superhero training. All your favorite superheroes (yes even Superman) started here. To get your training kicked off, we are going to start you out easy, because we believe earning your steel toes is an important first step to acquiring all the PPE that a safety superhero must wear.

Kick non-compliance to the curb by downloading our Workplace Fatigue Special Report by clicking here. Now you may be wondering – why a Workplace Fatigue Special Report? Well, fatigue can lead to safety incidents because exhausted workers may have slowed reaction times or exercise poor judgement. So it’s important to take steps to address worker fatigue if that’s an issue in your workplace.

Step 2: Earn Your Tool Belt

A vital piece of equipment.


Be prepared and equipped to fight non-compliance with your superhero tool belt:

In phase two of your basic training, we are going to get you fitted into your very own superhero tool belt so you have all the essential tools needed to fight off non-compliance when it comes knocking.

Expand your safety training knowledge through one of our webinars. Each month SafetyNow ILT brings in thought leaders, certified trainers, and lawyers to talk about everything you need to know about Occupational Health and Safety Compliance and Safety Training Best Practices.

To earn your tool belt simply sign up for an Upcoming Webinar.

Can’t make it? Not to worry. We will also let you earn your tool belt by downloading one of our previous webinars from our vast webinar library. Check out our On Demand Webinars by clicking here.

Step 3: Get Your High-Vis Vest

You're a superhero, people want to see you where you are.


Look at you go – you’ve almost completed your basic training and finished your introduction into safety training superhero supremacy. In order to complete your basic training, you need to earn the rest of your superhero suit. This includes a high-vis vest to reduce the risks of accidents and fatalities when battling non-compliance in busy environments.

In order to earn the fundamental elements you need to complete basic training – you must leverage our certified trainers and OHS lawyers to help you. Every superhero needs their computer person. You know the one who advises you to turn left or right down the hallway and inform you which way more villains are coming from.

SafetyNow ILT has a team of experts that can answer your most complicated questions and provide you with the guidance and actionable solutions needed to ensure you’re compliant and protected across your business.

Get that tough question that has been haunting you off your chest and let us answer it to complete your basic training. No need to fear, Ask The Expert is here.

Step 4: Earn Your Gloves

U can’t touch this….


Congratulations, you have made it out of basic training and moved into the final phase of your superhero training – Advanced Individual Training.

Things get a bit harder here, we need to weed out the weak, so stick with us, trust the process and in no time you will be the superhero you dreamt of as a kid. Minus the ability to fly.

Let me ask you something – Why do trainers like you struggle to get their safety message to stick? 

Humans have short-term and long-term memories, neural pathways and networks that connect the two, and different areas of the brain that are used in learning and developing habits. The long and the short of it is based on a litany of cognitive research, the best way to learn and set a habit is through consistent and iterative reinforcement of a singular message and/or behavior.

To earn your gloves and finish phase one of your Advanced Individual Training you must find and download our Safety Training & The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve to find out why your employees forget 70% of their safety training within 24 hours and the best actions to combat this.

I normally don’t do this but I had a coffee and am feeling generous. If you follow this link your search will become even easier.

Step 5: Get Your Hard Hat

Protect your head.


You’re busy, things come up, there is always fires to put out. It’s very rare in any business that you will get a full day to work on one single thing. SafetyNow ILT makes it easy for you to favorite an article and return back to it once the fire is out. Searching for a Near Miss Special Report but a Cruise Control Driving Stats and Facts Article catches your eye? Easily save it and come back to it once you have time.

Everything you open on SafetyNow ILT has a favorites button attached to it. What I need you to do in order to receive your Superhero Hard Hat and complete phase two of your Advanced Individual Training is find out where the favorites are stored.

Here are some articles I want you to favorite and try to find again:

  1. What is a Safety Culture and Why Do You Need One?
  2. Fundamental 55 Course Package 
  3. Ready For Work Infographic

Put It All Together

Ready for your next adventure?


Hey good looking, you’re finally starting to look like a real superhero, I almost didn’t recognize you.

You have made it this far and are one step away from graduating out of our superhero program. So far, you have passed Basic Training with flying colors and the last thing you have to do to graduate from Advanced Individual Training while earning your superhero cape and power is *drum roll please*….

Find out what the other Safety Superheroes are saying about all the tools and resources SafetyNow ILT has to offer.

That’s right – in order to graduate from our superhero program all you have to do is find our testimonials and read for yourself how our members are reporting:

A reduction in accident & incident rates by 35%
Reduced annual insurance premiums in excess of 30%
Saving up to 175 hours in their first year alone

No help this time – you have to do it all on your own. I got in trouble for the last hint I gave. I hope you can complete this task to graduate from our program and be the Safety superhero I know you can be. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this badge, cape or power and I am glad you came to us.


You’re working hard ensuring your safety meetings are compliant and engaging. It is a time-consuming process that often goes overlooked. We see you, spending countless hours trying to access accurate and compliant instructor-led training materials while juggling the ever-changing case law and always evolving OHS landscape. Take a look and see for yourself how SafetyNow ILT members report saving up to 175 hours per year on their prep and delivery time thanks to SafetyNow ILT’s ready to use resources.

Find Out More Information

SafetyNow ILT makes it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. By simply pressing a button, you can access accurate and compliant instructor-led training resources on any safety issue, at any time that is customized for your industry. Don’t just take my word for it, find out why SafetyNow ILT members are reporting that their new training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging.

Think Differently

Since 1929 we have helped hundreds of thousands of organizations reduce accidents and incidents, lower insurance premiums, increase profits and build safety cultures. Make the investment in your team by giving them the tools they need to be better safety trainers, speakers and managers.

Save Time & Money

The proven tools in SafetyNow ILT make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our members find their training is 60% more consistent, 52% more effective, and experience a 35% reduction in their accident & incident rates in the first year.

See what some of our members are saying:

I can always find the right safety talk to align my safety program or as a response to a recent incident, accident or near miss. What’s more, my workers actually pay attention to the content.

Armend Schoel, OSC Manufacturing

SafetyNow makes it simple to deliver regular, engaging, compliant safety meetings and training in less time and with less effort. I know I can always find what I need when I need it.

Ronald Thomas , Magna International

SafetyNow is a major time saver, because we don’t have to spend countless hours researching and putting together information. All we have to do is put in a quick search and everything we need is at our fingertips.

Christopher Caruso , Sanofi Pasteur