All Canadian employers must take reasonable action to make the workplace safe. Completing a risk assessment is one way to identify hazards that can hurt people or damage property and equipment. COVID-19 is a biological hazard that can be transmitted at work. Employers must put a plan into place describing the necessary steps to prevent exposure to and transmission of COVID-19. Employers and supervisors must do everything under the circumstances to put the necessary control measures in place, inform workers about these measures, and make sure that workers comply with the procedures. Workers have the duty to follow these steps to protect themselves and others.

What does this report include?

  • A model COVID-19 program to help you re-open and stay open
  • Sample COVID-19 risk assessments you can implement today
  • 6 safety talks to keep employees COVID aware
  • 1 model COVID-19 screening tool
  • 10 COVID-19 tip sheets
  • Posters, infographics and more

The third-wave doesn’t have to wipe out your business.

We know you take your employee safety seriously. We know you are overwhelmed and struggling to tread water. We’ve got the tools, resources, and employee training you need to keep the wolves from the door.

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What you can expect from SafetyNow:

  • SAVE TIME & IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: The proven tools in SafetyNow ILT make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our members find their training is 60% more consistent, 52% more effective, and experience a 35% reduction in their accident & incident rates in their first year
  • ENGAGING SAFETY TALKS: Access accurate & compliant instructor-led training materials at the click of a button – on any safety topic – and find out what our members are reporting… that SafetyNow’s training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging. What’s more, its customized for your industry!
  • SPECIAL REPORTS: Download hundreds of special reports from OHS leaders to find out everything you need to know about specific safety hazards.
  • TRAIN THE TRAINER: Make an investment in your team by giving them the tools they need to be better safety trainers, speakers and managers.
  • ASK THE EXPERT: Tap into our certified trainers and OHS lawyers for expert advice and guidance to your specific issues – at no extra charge, as often as you need.

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